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How is Cancer associated with Medical Marijuana?

Publish Date: January 7th, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.

Cancer and medical marijuana
Cancer is a severe disease that is life-threatening in which a few body cells grow uncontrollably and get spread to the other parts of the body. These cancer cells can begin at almost anywhere in the body, made up of trillions of cells. However, dealing with the health condition is complicated, and even the patients get irritated with the potent therapies that include ample side effects. Dealing with the health conditions and their side effects is also challenging as these are hard to cope with. But you will be surprised to know that with such potent symptoms and side effects, a natural remedy can help deal with it. Yes, you heard it right. As we were supposed to disclose the name of the natural treatment, here we are with the name. And the natural remedy that helps to manage the symptoms is medical marijuana. Wondering how it is associated and what symptoms it can help relieve? Here’s all you need to know.

How is Medical Marijuana associated with cancer treatment?

Medical Marijuana is a well-known treatment chosen by many due to its antiemetic properties. While talking mainly about cancer patients, they frequently feel nausea, vomiting and may experience several other symptoms, including nerve pains and many more. Particularly for cancer patients who are in dire need of nutrition, the feeling of vomiting and frequent vomits can cause malnutrition. And here comes the natural remedy into the picture. Before the health condition’s symptoms get severe, medical cannabis’s scientifically proven benefits can help the patients manage their symptoms and several other side effects of the cancer therapies.

How can Medical Marijuana affect Cancer?

Various research studies have found that smoked medical marijuana can facilitate nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy. A few studies have also discovered that inhaled Medical Marijuana can help treat the neuropathic pain caused due to the damaged nerves. Medical Marijuana use can help the patients deal with several symptoms, including nausea, pain, vomiting, nerve pain, and reducing inflammation. Chemotherapy is indeed an intense treatment resulting in leaving all these symptoms, but medical marijuana help ease the aches, diminish inflammation, nausea, and vomiting. Also, recent studies have reported that the plant’s cannabinoids like THC and CBD constituents can slow the development of certain types of cancer cells. Even various animal studies have suggested that some specific cannabinoids can slow down the growth of cells and lessen the spread of several forms of Cancer. Conversely, there have been many early clinical trials of cannabinoids treating cancer disease in humans. The studies have shown that the consumption of medical cannabis can be safe for cancer patients, but there is no evidence that it can control or cure the disease. Consequently, relying entirely on cannabinoids as a treatment while avoiding or delaying conventional medicines may lead to several serious health consequences. So, it is imperative to choose the treatment with the doctor’s advice only.

What are cannabinoid drugs often used?

Talking about the cannabinoid drugs that are often used include two chemically pure drugs based on the medical cannabis treatments that have been approved for the treatment in the US. These drugs are:

• Marinol or Dronabinol: Marinol or Dronabinol is a gelatin capsule containing the THC constituent approved by FDA US to treat nausea and vomit caused due to cancer chemotherapy.
• Cesamet or Nabilone: Nabilone or Cesamet is a synthetic cannabinoid that works pretty well like THC. This drug can be consumed to treat nausea and vomit caused by chemotherapy where the other medications fail to work.

Conversely, a cannabinoid drug, namely Nabiximols, is currently under study in the US. It is a mouth spray composed of the whole plant extract with THC and CBD constituents in the almost one-to-one mix.

How do these mentioned cannabinoid drugs affect the cancer symptoms?

Research studies suggest that dronabinol helps reduce nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy. The drug can help boost food intake and also prevents weight loss. Talking about Nabiximols, this drug has promised to help cancer patients with the pain that is usually unrelieved by other pain killers. Furthermore, research is going on to find its efficacy in treating the symptoms.

How can marijuana help Cancer?

Research studies have a lot to say about the benefits of medical marijuana on several health conditions. Medical marijuana can benefit the cancer symptoms and treatment’s side effects when it comes to cancer health conditions.

There is nothing to get confused about that medical marijuana consumption cures Cancer. No, but it helps to manage and deal with the symptoms and side effects. Let us delve into the symptoms and side effects of the health conditions and how cannabis helps treat them.

• Vomiting and Nausea

Studies found that smoking marijuana can alleviate the chemotherapy side effects. You will be astonished to know that even the FDA has approved nabilone, dronabinol, and man-made cannabinoids to treat nausea and vomiting when their medications don’t work.

• Nerve Pain

Neuropathy is the numbness, weakness, or pain caused due to nerve damage. It can occur as a consequence of cancer treatment or chemotherapy. However, several studies indicate that smoking marijuana can aid this specific type of nerve pain.

• Pain

Pain is the most common symptom of the health condition, and studies have significant proof that smoking marijuana can ease cancer-related pains. Marijuana can also alleviate inflammation and helps deal with pains.

• Weight loss and appetite

Weight loss and appetite is the most common symptom of Cancer. However, several studies have shown that marijuana consumption can help improve the appetite of cancer patients.

What are the risk factors involved?

Even the strong medications leave several side effects that are hard to cope with. However, while choosing the medical marijuana treatment, it is essential to get familiar with the risk factors involved. • Dizziness • Difficulty with memory and concentration • Fainting • Dry eyes and mouth • Headache • Rapid heart rate • Lower blood pressure • Increased appetite However, medical marijuana strain with THC can give you a “HIGH” feel that can make you feel confused. So it is highly recommended to choose the treatment with a medical doctor’s advice only.

If you are considering medical marijuana, you must!

1. Know the Law

Every state has different laws presenting diverse qualifying conditions and medical marijuana dispensing. It is essential to get familiar with the state laws concerning medical marijuana treatment. Disobeying the laws can put you in legal trouble. So, choosing the treatments requires the essentiality to get familiar with the state laws you are residing in.

2. Talk to your medical doctor.

Talking to a medical doctor is essential while choosing the treatment. The medical doctor is the only way out to help you get legal access to the treatment, as it is a crucial step while obtaining a medical marijuana card from anywhere. Additionally, the doctor evaluates the health condition and adequately recommends the appropriate dosage and strain that can benefit the health condition.

Bottom Line!

Cancer is a life-threatening disease that requires special attention. Early diagnosis of the health condition can increase the chances of saving the person. However, the treatment leaves several side effects, or the treatment’s symptoms are hard to manage with other medications. The natural remedy can manage the treatment symptoms and side effects but require legal permission. To acquire legal permissions, it is essential to obtain a medical marijuana card. Getting a medical marijuana card offline includes many hassles, but with the online procedure, it is trouble-free. My MMJ Doctor has made the whole process easier by providing the services online. Acquire a medical marijuana card online with My MMJ Doctor and treat your health condition’s symptoms with natural remedies. Stay tuned to know about the best marijuana strains.


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